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Markus Schwartz / Haitian Drums

Lakou Mizik Summer Tour 2018

Last month, July 2018, I had the great pleasure of attending three Lakou Mizik 2018 Summer Tour dates on the East Coast. 

The band has been a long-time favorite of mine, and its been my honor to sit in with them on many occasions. Most recently, I had the pleasure of playing with them at the Bastille Day celebration in Boston on July 13th, in Princeton, NJ on July 21st, and at the Falls Fest in South Hadley, MA on July 28th.

One thing which truly sets Lakou Mizik apart, is the wealth of vocal talents - four different lead vocalists, and rich harmonies abound. Sanba Zao, (Louis Lesly Marcelin) is the patriarch of this stellar group of talents, which spans generations and various Haitian musical styles.  “Zao” has been a musical mentor of mine since my very first trip to Haiti in the early 90s, and his infectious energy, combined with his prodigious talents as singer, percussionist and composer, continue to inspire.

Lakou Mizik's talented crew is comprised of Steeve Valcourt - guitar, vocals, percussion), Jonas Attis - vocals, percussion, Nadine Remy - vocals, banbou/percussion, Peterson “Ti Piti” Joseph - drums, percussion, Kone (Rara tin horns), James Carrier - percussion, Kone (Rara tin horns), Lamarre Junior - bass/vocals, and Belony Beniste - accordion. Special shout-out to visionary producer Zach Niles, for putting this project together, and all the hard work behind the scenes!   I encourage one and all to pick up Lakou Mizik’s first recording Wa Di Yo, and be on the look out for their next upcoming release, as well as any chance to see this great band live. Below are some photos and videos.

Anmwalaye Sanba!


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